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Off Your Flosser Podcast

Dec 26, 2020

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend. Thank You all so much for your support. 2021 will be bigger and better so please stay tuned and as always, Go Floss Yourselves!


Love Carlos and Sandy Lee

Dec 21, 2020

Hello and Happy Pre Christmas week! This is the week where very little gets done at work, meals are planned and last minute gifts are purchased. A time of joy and for some stress. It's a crazy world, so grab yourself some eggnog and a handful of fruitcake sit down down somewhere comfy and fill your ears with the...

Dec 12, 2020

The title says it all! Sandy Lee and I spend some time with America's favorite Dancing Dentist. We learn about his CBD products and his Foundation, Smile on Cancer.

Tune in and have a listen, or check us out on our YouTube channel and do your eyes a favor, catch all of this visual goodness in high definition through...

Dec 5, 2020

Hello everyone, this week we talk about food ...a lot! We also taste test some coffee and talk about me and a bunch of male hygienists who make the cover of RDH magazine. Thanks so much for including me @RDHmagazine. Let's finish the year out strong, subscribe to the YouTube channel for a chance to win an Aflexx Assist...

Nov 28, 2020

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. We both hope you all had a great holiday and got to spend some quality time with loved ones. Thanks for listening and have a great rest of the weekend we really appreciate it. Take care and go floss yourselves!


Love Carlos and Sandy Lee