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Off Your Flosser Podcast

Apr 24, 2020

This week Carlos and Sandy Lee actually received a message from an authentic listener with some make up advice. Thanks for reaching out Marisa!

The lockdown is still in effect and we’re making the most of it.

Boredom, beards and Sandy Lee and Jon’s 10th anniversary are on the agenda for today’s episode.


Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to week 4 of the national lockdown. We hope everyone is doing ok. This week we talk about Military Grade area denial systems, new hobbies developed during the quarantine and fishing in sewers and drainage canals. Sandy Lee is wearing some bubble gum pink robe/blanket thing and Carlos barely shaves his face and...

Apr 11, 2020

This week we try to avoid boredom and stay positive. We talk about the latest craze, “Zoom Bombing” and the upside of staying at home. Guys thanks so much for listening. We hope you all stay safe and healthy, but we mostly want you to go floss yourselves. Take care.

Love Carlos and Sandy Lee

Apr 4, 2020

We are still on lock down, as is the rest of the country. Carlos finally got his new MacBook and things are back to normal. We have both watched and we discuss the sensational Tiger King on Netflix. Thanks for watching. Stay safe and go floss yourselves.

Love Carlos and Sandy Lee