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Off Your Flosser Podcast

Dec 26, 2021

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you got what you wanted and not a stocking full of coal. But... Seriously but where would you even get coal??? I've never seen it at Home Depot!! I'm supposed to spend real money $$ having some coal shipped in from Pennsylvania cause you don't know how to act?? Nah son, You're getting an old sock filled with reindeer turds, Boom!!

Sorry about that, thats the eggnog talking. Sandy is still out recuperating quietly in her new home which is why my buddy Michelle RDH stepped in to help me out this week. We talk about midnight movies, bad endings in movies, try to figure out who's married to who, Puerto Rican carols, last meals, pesto and black tongues.

Thank for filling in Michelle you were awesome, Sandy get better fast and thank you all for listening.

Merry Christmas and Go Floss Yourselves you filthy animals!!!

Love Carlos , Sandy Lee and Michelle...

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