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Off Your Flosser Podcast

Oct 22, 2021

We were in Hollywood Florida for the Dental Festival the land version of Smiles at Sea. This is the Dental conference put on by our good friend Mr. Elijah Desmond, thanks for having us out E, we had an amazing time! We meet and interview several people in an on location style format. Please look these people and companies up and show them some love if what they do works for you.

First off we have Linda Miller from, an instrument company that makes some of the most popular Dental Hygiene instruments in the business.

Next up is Anne Duffy from, An organization whose mission is to inspire, highlight and empower all women in dentistry.

Dr Anissa Holmes joins us next from ,, Dentistry’s #1 Online Doctor and Team Training Program to Master the Business Side of Dentistry

Dr Tom Jackson from stops by for a chat. He is a Periodontist and the inventor of the Auto Flosser. An ingenious device designed to floss around fixed dental work, bridges, implants and ortho wires. Thank you Dr Jackson for everything you've done for us. was represented by my friend Janoa Hayes, A Hygienist and Hygiene Training Developer.

Deborah Carrier, Designer and Owner of Twice as Nice Scrubs,

Carrie Wucinich, RDH and Author,

And Finally My Friend and Coworker, like a sister to me, Michelle Barrios

Thank you all for your support, there were so many others that we just unfortunately did not have the time to record. We mean no disrespect to anyone. But if its really bothering you , try and go Floss Yourself and see if that helps. LOL

Thanks again,

Love Carlos and Sandy Lee
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