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Off Your Flosser Podcast

Nov 26, 2023

Hey, hey, hey, fellow practitioners of the dental arts and comedy afficianados! It's the hygienic, electric and hectic comedy duo , Carlos and Sandy Lee, coming back at you with Episode 210 of the Off Your Flosser Podcast! 

Get ready to set sail with Leif Erickson and dodge hammers with Thor—yeah, we're time-traveling today! But wait , we're also sharing hilarious tales about patients that'll have you rolling in the Op. 

Need help squashing office beef? We've got your back with a little intra-office conflict resolution 101. And we're crafting new material, fueled by leaf blowers and, uh, necessary tools. Fasten your seatbelts; this episode is a rollercoaster packed with laughs and wisdom!

Thanks for listening, Go Floss Yourselves!!

Love Carlos and Sandy Lee

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